Artistic Chaos Studios

The creative master behind Artistic Chaos Studios is Cecelia Ivy. Her mastery of oils is envious and her content is un-apologetically raw.

Cecelia Ivy is a former Cleveland-based artist, activist, and educator, as well as chronic-illness-warrior and multiracial woman. She was recognized by Château d'Orquevaux and awarded the A-i-R Grant, in addition to an Artist-in-Residency opportunity in Orquevaux, France, in January 2020. Ivy aspires to create a non-profit in the near future that supports living as an artist notwithstanding chronic illness(es), especially women who’ve overcome trauma and other mental health challenges, such as those she has personally faced.

She creates bold, high-saturation compositions infused with a passion for figures, urban street art, vanitas, and tattoo culture that reflect different aspects of her multiracial background. Embracing a rich and colorful palette, some of her work intensifies the joy of life, marred by great loss. She has earned her A.A. in Fine Arts, her B.A. in Fine Arts with a Drawing and Painting Concentration, and has most recently completed her master’s degree in Art Education. Painting, sculpture and photography are used to spread progressive ideas and messages of equity through her image making.
Solo exhibitions include Into The Void, Negative Space Gallery, Cleveland, OH, 2019, Dark Delights, Faux Pas Gallery, Rochelle, IL, 2018, Recherche’, Octagon Gallery, Westfield, NY 2018, and more.
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