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Karma Organic spa

Amazing Glass Nail Files - Set of 2

Amazing Glass Nail Files - Set of 2

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Contributes to the health of your nails by preventing splitting and breakage. These glass files make precision nail shaping possible. Extremely durable-hard-wearing and built to last. With files in 2 sizes (3.54" & 5.31" inches long / 90 & 135 mm long). ❤ Karma Organic, nail file is very useful for fragile and damaged nails in converting manicured nails back to their natural look ❤ Karma Natural Nails file offers dual surface, easy to grip and straight aligned for long lasting usage and can easily be washed with soap and water or any liquid purifier ❤ Easy to carry in purse or in makeup kit it can also be used during travel without any concern of nails splitting, cracking and breakage without wasting your time. ❤ Glass Nail File Set to maintain freshly filed edges of their nails and make them stylish; the glass is adjusted to ensure that the nail file is wear-resistant and maintains the principle of filing surface after multiple uses.

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