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Bamboo + Coconut • Body Oil

Bamboo + Coconut • Body Oil

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Clean + lush, like sitting by the pool in the shade 🥥 bamboo + coconut is subtle + refreshingly clean with a hint of creamy sweetness.

Notes of: orange flower • coconut husk • greenery • wild bamboo • white rose • cyclamen • creamy coconut milk • sandalwood • musk

A multi-use oil that's like a super-shot of skin-beneficial oils, all in one bottle! Use our body nectars as a body moisturizer, drizzle a bit in your bath water, or -- my favorite -- use a tiny bit on the ends of your hair! I love using it in my hair because the scent lingers with me all-day long + it's like a little burst of happy when i catch it throughout the day.

  • Made with our signature nourishing base of: Grapeseed oil • sweet almond oil • apricot kernel oil • dried hibiscus petals • dried rose petals • fragrance
  • Handpoured into a 4-ounce glass bottle with treatment pump.
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