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No Nasties

Biodegradable Waterbeads

Biodegradable Waterbeads

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No Nasties water beads are non-toxic, easy to use and encourage children to learn through sensory play, using hand-eye coordination - they are "slippery little suckers!" They are teeny tiny little beads, about the size of a poppy seed before they are soaked in water after which they grow approximately 150 times their original size.

  • 10g of water beads (approximately 500 beads)
  • Packaged in a recyclable soft plastic bag and a recyclable cardboard box
  • How to Use: To grow them, you simply put them into a large bowl, cover with 5 cups of water and watch them expand over the next 5 or so hours. PRO-TIP - Use warm/hot tap water for faster growth. Once they have grown, drain away excess water and voila, you have a bowl of colorful, bouncy, ball fun!
  • Littlies (not for use under 3 years) Color sorting, water play, counting, colorful playground (in a bowl), pretend cooking, sensory play, fine motor skills
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