Blue Apatite Solitaire Ring
Blue Apatite Solitaire Ring

Blue Apatite Solitaire Ring

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The Greeks were the first to recognize the chameleon-like qualities of Apatite and its ability to resemble other crystals such as peridots. The Apatite crystal stone meaning comes from the Greek word “to deceive,” owing its name to its unique properties. Each stud is handmade using raw, natural crystals. They were naturally formed in these large clusters. The beauty of using naturally formed crystals is that every set is perfectly unique. Heavily plated in Palladium.
  • Handmade in Jamestown, NY
  • Size 7
  • Apatite & Palladium
What is Palladium?
It is a rare and lustrous silvery-white metal discovered in 1803 by the English chemist William Hyde Wollaston.
Is palladium better than silver?
Palladium is highly resistant to corrosion and scratching unlike silver. It is one of the most durable Precious Metals on the market today, while also being soft and ductile.
Is palladium better than platinum?
Palladium is very similar in appearance to platinum but less dense. It's also extremely rare and is about 15 times rarer than platinum. In the past, palladium was seen as a worthless by-product of platinum mining, but today is one of the most valuable metals on the market.