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Blush | Satin Eye Pillow

Blush | Satin Eye Pillow

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A luxurious, silk satin eye pillow in blush. Keep it on your nightstand for its enduring cooling and stress-relieving benefits. Freshen your strained, itchy, or burning eyes: the weighted pillow stimulates relaxation of the eyes and rejuvenation in vision Satin fabric helps maintain a cool, silky sensation around the eyes and forehead.

This pillow has Lavender essential oil which promotes relaxation and stress relief

Use it every day: buckwheat, flaxseeds, & herbs infused in essential oil means you can reap the benefits of the pillow and aromatherapy longer; once the aroma has worn off, you can easily refresh by adding your own essential oils

Use it at room temperature, heated or cooled: microwave and use to relax or as a compress; refrigerate and use to further relieve burning eyes, headaches, and migraines.

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