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Glitter Art Deco Swallows - Lip Balm Compact

Glitter Art Deco Swallows - Lip Balm Compact

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As the nights draw in and the chilly wind from the East picks up, it’s nice to have something sparkly in ones pocket to keep your spirits lifted and your lips soft!  As the swallows fly South for the Winter, this blue beauty bids them farewell and beckons you towards blue fingered chilly seasons; equipped with our wonderful balm to keep your lips party ready, you’ll soon warm up.

These sweet and stylish refillable mirrored compacts are hand poured with small batch lip balm...enriched with:

 Super softening organic shea butter

 Hydrating meadow foam seed oil

 Smoothing and soothing coconut oil

 Protective beeswax

 Essential oils - Benzoin (cracked skin wonder-worker), Grapefruit & Lime (uplifting & anti-bacterial) and Lavender (superb cure all)

 Packaged in pink, gingham card boxes so totally gift ready 

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