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Do Your Whiskey - DIY Whiskey Kit

Do Your Whiskey - DIY Whiskey Kit

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It's time to DO YOUR WHISKEY! Start with a simple base alcohol and make your own whiskey at home: 

  • Make your own whiskey: with exclusive DO YOUR WHISKEY wooden chips (Vanilla Dream, Dark Chocolate, American Sweetheart) you can age your whiskey in a bottle just as you would in a barrel!
  • Best ingredients: natural wood and six different botanicals in attractive test tubes give your personal “water of life” an absolutely individual touch. Let your imagination (and your palate) run wild!
  • High-quality workmanship & packaging: Two glass bottles with wooden corks + labels for labelling, whiskey cubes made of stainless steel visually round off the set - all packed without plastic, in a simple, elegant, zero-waste cardboard box.
  • Whiskey knowledge for beginners & experts: A crisp glossary, information about the maturing woods and botanicals as well as three great recipes give you a hand on what you need to experiment as a freshly baked whiskey burner.
  • Give away pure pleasure: The set is perfect as a gift for whiskey lovers and those interested, or as a special highlight at celebrations and weddings. What are you waiting for? DO YOUR WHISKEY!
  • Perfect Gift Idea for a Whiskey Lover

🌿 'American Dream' whiskey chips
🌿 'American Sweetheart' whiskey chips
🌿 'Dark Chocolate' whiskey chips
🌿 orange peel
🌿 chai mix
🌿 cinnamon
🌿 cocoa beans
🌿 coffee beans
🌿 bird's eye chili

Make your own whiskey in the flavour profiles you love, we recommend a neutral base alcohol such as vodka - strongly flavoured alcohols can make the final product taste different to traditional whiskey. 

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