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Stones of Strength Bracelet

Stones of Strength Bracelet

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This beautiful bracelet features different gemstones each with their own wonderful properties. It is a beautiful gift or for yourself to give you that little strength each day.

"The inspiration for this collection came from finding strength along my own journey of becoming a breast cancer survivor. Not only did I realize my own strength, and the strength of those around me, but also the importance of inspiring the strength in others. I hope you wear this necklace and remember as a 'strong woman', it is not just staying strong through the journey of life, but having faith that it is in the journey itself that you become strong. Each of these stones and charms were individually picked to represent and capture the essence of femininity and strength. The healing qualities of crystals have always been incorporated into our everyday lives, and we wanted a way for women to harvest their energy everyday through jewelry. "

- Susan Morreale, designer

Handmade in Buffalo, NY | Made by women, for women.

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