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Siamese Succulent Planter

Siamese Succulent Planter

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Soooo cute!!!!! Animal Planters - Are You Ready to Turn Your Flower Pots Into Cute Animals? What an adorable gift!

The Siamese succulent planter makes a lovely birthday gift for the crazy cat lady (or guy) in your life. Adorable handmade modern planter, perfect for mini succulents, small cactus, and little air plants.

Here is the Siamese cat, a sleepy cat head, perfect gift for a cat lover, for the green thumbs or not so green or just to add a little friend on your desktop!

An organic pod shape to warm your tiniest green!

  • 7cm diameter; 4.5cm high (approx)
  • Hosts a 2" plastic pot inside (not included)
  • The plant is not included :)
  • 100% Wool

Handmade in Italy

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