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Anastacia Lynn Jayet



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Anastacia Lynn Jayet

A little experiment. What comes out when you purposely want to express, but don’t want to label anything. No intention to begin with. You struggle a bit at first. It’s natural to desire to create something. I went with, how do I want to feel…peace. What color is that? How does it move? I was more aggressive at first. Then I created a character, as I did as a lonely child seeking connection or the need for other. I let that go, wiping it away, choosing instead to focus on flow and movement, watching the paint spread across the canvas. Then two flowers came into view. Not from my mind or intention, but from my perception and awareness. A deeper desire, yet unnamed and unknown, from within. My true unnamed desire was simply for peace and to witness flowers in bloom, receiving sunlight.

  • Acrylic
  • 20" x 16" x .5" 
  • Created on 3.19.2021

Artist Bio:

I am a lifelong learner, open, honest, raw and pure to who I am; without compromise or exception.

I am constant and ever changing, evolving, growing and experiencing life without resistance. I choose to push past my comfort zone, following my inner wisdom and guidance, with passion and perseverance.

I do not know, is my mantra. Grounded in groundlessness, flexible and flowing, with nothing to attain and nothing to achieve.

What is happening right now is accepted wholeheartedly. There is no other choice. The present moment is where I find peace and tranquility, resting in the vast expanse of my own heart.

Compassion and forgiveness are my foundation. Knowing that nothing really matters, allows me to truly let go; without attachment, grasping, clinging, or holding on, I am free. And in freedom there is no more suffering or confusion, nothing left to lose. I am that I am, is all that remains.

My mission is to end all suffering and confusion; igniting joy, laughter and play, through the innate childlike nature, painting with compassion and forgiveness, accessing freedom and arriving in absolute liberation.

-Anastacia Lynn Jayet

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