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Fine Art Scarf - El Jaleo Scarf by John Singer Sargent

Fine Art Scarf - El Jaleo Scarf by John Singer Sargent

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John Singer Sargent - 
El Jaleo 
1882 Oil on canvas

Image courtesy of Isabella Stewart Garder Museum
Printed in Chicago, IL

  • 100% Soft Woven Polyester
  • 85 x 130cm
John Singer Sargent El Jaleo 1882 oil on canvas Sargent’s monumental painting, based on drawings he made in southern Spain in 1879, is named for an Andalusian dance and is roughly translated as “the ruckus.” This is a painting you can hear as well as see: heels clicking, fingers snapping, hands clapping, the sounds of singing, and guitars. Isabella Gardner’s elaborate setting for this painting features an alcove defined by a Moorish arch. The mirror on the left seems to extend the space, and the everyday objects placed casually on the floor in front continue the illusion that viewers are part of the painted scene—we have wandered into the tavern and become the audience for the performance.
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