"Woman With A Daisy" -Alphonse Mucha

“Refuse to be the daisy. And start being the sun.”

"Woman With A Daisy" -Alphonse Mucha

"Woman With A Daisy" 
-Alphonse Mucha (1900)


I've always loved poetry, but as of recent my interest has been reinvigorated by the series "Dickinson," so needless to say, I've been reading tons of Dickinson... Some may think I'm odd as lately I've found myself writing emails containing a few poetic prose. In such a casual world I long for beauty and art for art's sake in my everyday life.  As they say... "why wait for company to enjoy the fine China!" 

It surely was inspiration for our upcoming Spring Collection and the timing couldn't have been more perfect! I love that a new series is featuring this creative woman and one of the most important figures in American poetry! March is Women's History Month, Kamala Harris is our VP and the feelings of rebirth, rejuvenation of Spring are making way!

There is one episode of the show that I haven't been able to stop thinking about that was inspired by the Emily Dickinson poem "The Daisy Follows Soft the Sun." Deciding to act on your dreams can be exciting, but if you don't let go the natural feelings of doubt, the anxiety of the yearning for success and approval it can be overwhelming and sometimes make you lose course. Those feelings along with the ever changing world and roles that women play in this world has left me contemplating heavy thoughts late into the night. With so many women leaving the workforce because of the present circumstances, it is far too easy to feel stuck, scared and uninspired. Many times throughout our journey creating this company, my sister and I have felt stifled by the responsibilities of motherhood, lack of funding and neigh sayers (even if they mean well). One of the hardest things to cope with is when you know there is so much greatness within you, but you feel that you must be patient and keep it all in until it's your time... and maybe that time never comes... Add the pressure of feeling the need to prove to yourself and others that you CAN accomplish your dream, as well as the desire to have something to show for your life can make you feel like you could explode! 

Experiencing intense writer's block while awaiting an editor's critique, Miss Emily states, “And now it’s like I’m the daisy and he’s the sun, and without the warmth of his approval I can’t grow.” This resonated deep within my heart. I'm sure we have all felt this at times. It is important to keep an open heart and know that a new perspective, unwavering motivation and grit can change everything. Just as Spring comes along bringing the mindset of approaching life with almost this childlike fascination and curiosity, she is told that opinion is “a hideous distraction from the beauty of your craft.” 

“Refuse to be the daisy. And start being the sun.” 

I choose to be the sun.

Have faith & get inspired. 



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