Our Story

ART Cloth + Craft started years ago when we were children growing up in rural New York.  We draw design inspiration from Western New York's beauty and rich history. The old sleepy small towns, the rolling fields, plentiful waterways, colorful leaves, and vast species of birds and wildlife paint a great backdrop for any artist! 

As sisters, we were raised with a great appreciation and love for nature, as well as a sense of environmental responsibility.  Just like our father, an artist and environmentalist, we kept boxes full of neat findings to use for future projects.  To other people this looks like junk, but to us it's treasure!  We get such a thrill when we gather enough materials together to make a new product or piece of art from one of our fun finds from the past.  After being in the apparel design industry for 10 years, this gives me, Bobbi (one of the makers) a sense of pride as it was very discouraging to see the tremendous waste of the industry first hand.  

Although we are not always able to find enough cool old "junk" to make all of our new products, we still strive to keep our environmental footprint in check by designing our packaging on biodegradable and recycled material.  We think about the life of our goods and make them by hand with quality in mind so that they will last and can be passed down to the next generation.  We are sentimental and love the story and nostalgia connected to an old tea cup or a vintage piece of jewelry.

Our business adventure all began 3 years ago, when after having my second child I needed some extra cash. I had a bag of leather scraps that I had saved for over a decade from college and thought, "What can I make with these?"  Lauren, my sister (and the other maker) helped me with this endeavor.  Needing more findings to add to the materials we already had, we started going to estate sales, antique shops, gathering beautiful things from nature and voile!, we were so inspired we couldn't stop! We have the same sense of design, style and humor and had already been crafting together for years, it was just a perfect fit!  In 2019 we made our business a registered partnership and have been making pretty little things ever since! 

This is a labor or love and we hope you love it too!