Collection: Bowglass Works


"I began blowing glass at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2004 and I was dumbfounded when I walked into the glass studio at VCU. A student had a roofers torch blasting loudly on a piece of glass, the Grateful Dead was blaring over the sound system, it was hotter then hell and people were working and in teams. Thats when I realized I wanted to be apart of glass.

Since then I haven’t looked back, the extreme focus, fast pace, immediacy of the process keeps me coming back for more. When I am blowing glass there is always a chance the piece will not make it to the end of the process and for me that is always a challenge that I will accept and bow down to every time I set foot into the studio. It keeps you humble as a maker, which I think is the most important characteristic a maker can have. Glass is like a disease, I will hopefully blow glass for my entire life, even when I am an old man. It means a lot to be to make things that are clean, elegant and full of finess especially in a time where there is so much to look at. I believe it is important to surround yourself with minimalistic forms that beautify ones office or home."