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Bestsellers Tea Bento Box - 4-pack

Bestsellers Tea Bento Box - 4-pack

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The perfect gift for special and everyday occasions from Mother's Day, Birthdays, and more! 🎁🍵 This Tea Bento Box is a curated collection of our best-selling teas. Unique, unforgettable, luxurious, and affordable. Perfect for any occasion!

Our Tea Bento Boxes contain 4 different tea varieties compartmentalized into mini tea tubes. Each mini tea tube contains 5 premium tea pyramid sachets, for a total of 20 tea sachets in each Tea Bento Box. 

🍵 English Breakfast 🍵 Moroccan Mint 🍵 Honella (herbal) 🍵 Apple Cinnamon (herbal) Cheers!

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