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Candle Tools Kit

Candle Tools Kit

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Add this lovely candle tools kit to your luxury candle gift.

Butane Lighter - Full metal casing. The torch lighter is heat resistant to ensure long-lasting use and resist deformation. This slim and fashionable lighter is a must-have tool for any candle enthusiast. One-click switch, adjustable flame height 

Wick Trimmer - Trimming is essential to extend your candle’s burn time and eliminate burning with black soot. This elegant looking trimmer is a great tool to have on hand. It reaches deep into jar candles easily. The candle wick trimmer is made out of durable stainless steel.

Candle Snuffer - Made out of sturdy stainless steel with attractive polish plating. Corrosion-resistant, durable. Comfortable and easy grip. Easy to wipe off the wax that might stick on the snuffer. Long handle for safely extinguishing wicks. Prevents spraying of wax caused by blowing.

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