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Forged Steel Pruning Shears

Forged Steel Pruning Shears

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People love these Forged Steel Pruning Shears! Are you looking to take your gardening, cooking, office or studio projects to the next level? Then you’ll love these multi-functional shears. Created by Chinese craftsmen hundreds of years ago as bonsai scissors, they have stood the test of time thanks to their reliable ergonomic design that can easily be used by both right and left-handed people.

These are made of durable forged carbon steel so they’re sure to last through all your projects (just don't leave them outside as they are not stainless.) From pruning small shrubs or cutting weeds cloth in the garden, harvesting herbs and flowers, or even cutting twine in the office or studio — these shears are perfect for a multitude of tasks. Do your projects more efficiently with these robust yet lightweight sheers that don’t skimp on versatility!

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