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Rope Twist Necklace - Blues

Rope Twist Necklace - Blues

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These are very process intensive pieces! Each knot is hand rolled and shaped from either a red earthy stoneware, a speckled granite stoneware, or a natural porcelain meticulously blended with vibrant pigments. This gives each piece a depth of color that carries through the entire ceramic body.

After firing, each knot is paired with hundreds of feet of ultra fine strands of 100% cotton, hand dyed and braided in the studio! This slow and hands on process ensures that each piece is unique, from the subtle variations in the dyed cord to the individuality of the knot itself. We hope you love it as much as we do!

All of this jewelry is handmade in NE Portland studio. Because of this, there are slight variations between each piece and no two are exactly alike. 

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